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Monday, August 29, 2011

Rooney the Amazing Assitive Technology using Goldendoodle

Meet Rooney,  yes he is named after the owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Rooney is almost 2.  He came into our lives at a time that our beloved Tahoe was getting ready to move on.  Lucky for us,  Tahoe shared many of his charming characteristics with Rooney and we have been so lucky to have him as part of our family.

Like all puppies, Rooney loves to be social and is up for anything that will challenge him.  From the time he came home with us he began learning commands that will help him in his job as a pet partner.

Rooney is working on solving this puzzle while we are reinforcing the activity by labeling his actions such as "slide, push, pull, and up."  This activity can be paired with a student that is working on motor skills and directional cues. 

Rooney learning to "Stay" and "Leave It" when he was a puppy.  We practiced being around other animals.  Snickers the rabbit was happy to participate as she got lots of treats as her reward.

Rooney is a champ at "looking" for eggs.  We give him the cue "look" and off he goes on a treasure hunt.  We use this activity for motor and movement skills with the students.  The students are in charge of hiding the eggs and giving the command to "look."

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