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Monday, August 29, 2011

Payton Wright and Frogs

This is Payton Wright.  She was a beautiful little girl with the longest eyelashes I have ever seen.  She is the third daughter to our good friends Patrick and Holly Wright.   Payton had pediatric brain cancer.  She fought hard to put all of those around her at ease, declaring "It's gonna be a good day!"

She was funny,  I mean really funny.  Sitting and talking to her just made you smile.  She was an old soul in a tiny package.  This is Payton in May of 2007 visiting her Uncle's house in Pennsylvania.  We all gathered to celebrate her 5th Birthday.  She just had a natural way to pull you right into the moment and enjoy the present.  During our visit the girls headed outside to explore the animals and the farm.  It didn't take very long for them to find several farm yard friends to connect with.  This day wasn't about Cancer, it was about kids being kids and having an animal friend to form that connection was just what the children needed.

Payton's sisters Sydney and Savanna their cousin along with O and A take turns holding the brand new baby kittens.

Payton's sister Sydney bonds with A during an interaction with this horse.

Smiles all around!

Payton passed away that May, but not without touching the lives of so many.  Her gift to us was a reminder to live in the moment and to always make each day "A Good Day."   Payton loved frogs and they have become the symbol of her life.  To learn more about Payton and her family and all they do to help others that are dealing with Pediatric Brain Cancer,  please visit The Payton Wright Foundation.

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